What Are the Different Shapes of String Lights?

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Arbitrary (A)

These bulbs appear like pears and attach to the bayonet cap or Edison screw bases. They are the most commonly used kinds of bulbs at the moment. These bulbs mainly serve general lighting purposes and have been in vogue since the early 20th Century.

Bulged Reflector (BR)

The ‘Bulged Reflector’ bulbs are those that disperse beams of light to a wider angle or area at a time. Typically, they comprise ‘wide flood’ beam angles. On account of this, the bulbs can disperse the rays of light to an area that exceeds 45° at a time.

Candle (C)

If you are looking to decorate your ambiance, the C-shaped light bulbs are the ones to look up to. That is because these bulbs are the ones that are available in the widest range of colors possible. Many traditional holiday strings do make use of them in sprucing up their decorations.

Globe (G)

Rounding up the list is the G type ‘miniature bulb.’ This is found in many everyday applications like marine, aircraft, auto indicators, and instruments. It is tiny and slim enough to fit in the most squeezed areas imaginable.

PS: Kindly note that the list above is not exhaustive. There indeed are many other shapes of bulbs that are equally important. The most common examples are Quartz Reflector Lamp (MR), Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR), Blown Reflector (R), and Twist, to name but a few!

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